Welcome to Hatun Haute Couture

Welcome to  Hatun Haute Couture website for the sale of women’s textiles and fabrics, which was established in 2018 and was dedicated to distinctive and modern women’s fabrics
Hatun Textile is a manufacturer and seller of embroidered fabrics mainly made for women’s wear for special occasions such as weddings and special occasions. In our marketing, we focus on wonderful soft fabrics and textiles, such as natural silk, straw, karat, laces, hand-made bodice, embroidered velvet and plain. We also use threads made of silk, cotton, reeds and polyester, carefully selected and with good taste, consistent with fashion. We combine more than one type of fabric to be attractive and upscale for our valued customers at reasonable prices that compete with the global market. We strive to make our textiles affordable and affordable by connecting with designers and entering the heart of global markets, after carefully collecting unique designs that are available to customers in our outlets all over the world.

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